Guest house, street side

The guest house

Gate to the property

The access road

The facade

The entrance view

The garden

The facade

The car park

The vicinity

In the immediate vicinity of our guest house, you will find

  • the bus stop for lines 60 to Piazza Venezia,
    66, 82 and 90 to the metro at Termini central station and
    84 to Piazza Annibaliano (metro connection B1),
  • several pizzerias and restaurants,
  • a well-stocked supermarket,
  • several cafes and
  • a tobacco shop where you can also buy bus tickets.

Since the guesthouse is located outside the tourist areas, the prices in the surrounding shops and restaurants are comparatively cheap.

Sightseeing attractions:

  • Almost directly next to the guest house is the small park “Villa Leopardi”.
  • In about 15 minutes on foot (two bus stops) you can reach the early Christian churches of Santa Costanza and Sant’Agnese, which are particularly worth a detour for visitors interested in art history.
  • It takes a good 20 minutes to walk to the beautiful park “Villa Ada”, where the catacomb of Santa Priscilla is.
  • Heading into town on the Via Nomentana you can visit the historic Villa Torlonia.