The guest house

The facade

One double room

A single room

The garden pond

Evenings in the garden

The entrance

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The Teutonic Order

Dear visitors to our website,
Dear guests,

You have visited the website of the Teutonic Order in Rome: The Teutonic Order is also known as the “Teutonic Knights” or “Teutonic Knights”. It was founded in 1190 in the Holy Land during the Third Crusade, after the Knights Templar and the Knights of St John/Maltese as the last of the great orders of knighthood. Its history is closely linked to the history of the Crusades, but as the founder of the state, it is also linked to the history of the Order’s states of Prussia and Livonia.

The counterpart to fighting for the Catholic faith with the sword from time immemorial was and is “hospitality” (from the Latin “hospitalitas” = hospitality). Now that the friars no longer fight for the faith with the sword, but on the basis of a profound theological education, the social and charitable element – this very hospitality – can be seen today in numerous organisations and institutions such as care for the elderly, youth welfare, care for addicts and much more.

On behalf of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, the Procurator General conducts the Order’s business at the Holy See in Rome. In this context, the Order’s guest house in Rome is also entrusted to him.

The Procurator General with the Conventual Community of the Teutonic Order in Rome, the Grand Master, the Brothers, Sisters and Familiars of the Order warmly welcome you to our house in the Eternal City!

P. Christian Blümel OT

Further information about the Teutonic Order can be found on our homepage and on Wikipedia.