The guest house

The facade

One double room

A single room

The garden pond

Evenings in the garden

The entrance

View over Rome

Welcome to the Teutonic Order in Rome!

The guest house of the Teutonic Order in Rome – often referred to as a pilgrim hotel – offers travellers affordable accommodation in Rome that is both quiet and close to the city centre. The German-speaking guest house is open all year round and offers attractive deals for a short stay in the Eternal City, especially in the hot summer months. Most of our guests from all over the world are employees or members of church institutions and organisations, theologians, scientists as well as pilgrims and educational travellers with an academic background.

Alongside the Austrian guest houses of the Teutonic Order in Vienna, in Gumpoldskirchen (Gumpoldskirchen Castle), in Dürnstein in Carinthia (Wildbad health spa) and in Schöfweg in Lower Bavaria (Haus am Weg), the Roman guest house is probably the most international of the guest houses of the Teutonic Order. People from all over the world who visit the “Eternal City” for religious, spiritual or other reasons find an oasis of calm here in the midst of Rome’s often hectic hustle and bustle.

Find out more about our unique guest house with its marvellous garden, its 24 single, double, triple and quadruple rooms and the numerous amenities for your unforgettable stay in Rome on the following web pages:

“Benvenuti alla casa dell’ Ordine Teutonico – benvenuti a Roma!”